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Don’t get left out in the cold this fall, just because the leaves are changing doesn’t mean the market is. In fact, as the kids go back to school and vacations come to an end, this is a great time for potential buyers to invest their time and energy into a move – before the chaos of winter and the next round of holidays sets in.

Here we have a few tips on selling in a fall market:

  1. Make sure your home is winter-weather ready:

With winter just around the corner, buyers are going to check to make sure your home will stand up against the cold. Have your HVAC systems inspected, change out your furnace filters, and ensure that your windows and doors are well insulated.

  1. Set the stage for fall:

Use the magic of Thanksgiving to inspire your staging. Use warm fall colours and well placed accents to invite buyers to imagine themselves celebrating the holiday with their family in this home. Consider adding scent appeal by boiling cinnamon sticks or going all out and baking a pie. Avoid artificial scents as they may aggravate scent sensitivities and immediately turn off prospective buyers.

  1. Clean it up:

Rake up the leaves, clean out the gutters, sparkle shine the windows, and everything else a buyer can see. You want to maintain curb appeal in any season and fall is no exception. Keeping the garden free of weeds, the lawn nicely manicured and the overall aesthetic one of cleanliness will go a long way towards enticing a buyer.

Remember as well that rain from the summer months can leave your windows smudged. While it might not bother you simply because you have become used to it, potential buyers will notice. Make sure your windows are sparkling clean before showing your home to potential buyers. Take some time to remove the screens and spray them down, and clean the windows.

  1. Light it up

You have probably already noticed that the days are getting shorter. If your house appears dark, it can have a subconscious effect on potential buyers. Make sure your home is nice and bright by turning on the lights and pulling back the drapes.

  1. Focus on marketing:

You may have to do a little bit of research but knowing what is going on in the market in your neighbourhood and nearby neighbourhoods will help you price your home competitively for best results. Having your home staged and professionally photographed will attract potential online buyers and can be worth the extra investment.


Remember, the fall season can be a great time to sell your home and taking the above steps into consideration can help give you an edge in the market.

If you’re ready to sell your home before the cold of winter sets in, give us a call today, we can help you get it sold – and for a great price!


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