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Owning rental properties has long been considered an excellent way to generate income for savvy landlords who are willing to put in the time and effort necessary to build their business. Of course, the rental game is certainly not without its risks – and the competition to find the right tenants can be fierce.

Enter the realtor.

Rather than simply putting an ad in their local classifieds and sifting through hundreds of responses themselves, more and more landlords are realizing the value of working with real estate agents to promote their rental units, find the best tenants and even manage their properties. But just like there are good and not so good landlords, not all realtors are created equal either. So that begs the question, what is your realtor doing for you?

At Adelson & Weiss, we take our commitment to our landlord clients very seriously.

Any realtor can throw a listing up on MLS, but they show their true value in how far beyond MLS they are willing to go to help you get a quality tenant into your rental unit. At Adelson & Weiss, we help extend your reach to generate the most interest and use detailed listings to help find the best tenants.

Expanding your reach beyond MLS

Posting your rental unit on MLS is a great place to start, but it is also the place with the most competition from other landlords vying for tenants of their own. If this is the only tool you use to advertise your property, you are missing out on a much larger market.

In addition to MLS, we use other tools such as digital marketing including paid Kijiji and Facebook ads. We also use our extensive network and reach with other agents who may be working with your next tenant right now in order to find them their next home.

Detailed listings that generate renter interest

You may have a truly wonderful rental unit to offer, but if that isn’t reflected in your listing you are not going to generate interest from the right people. At best, your listing will blend in with all the other rental listings out there.

It is critical that you have high quality photos taken that allow a potential renter to imagine living in your unit. Many agents forget to include room dimensions and other important details. But knowledge is power – the more information that is included in your listing, the better chance you stand of attracting a quality tenant.

Why not join the many Toronto landlords who have experienced the difference working with Adelson & Weiss?

“Mark and Brandon treated my investment property like their own. The professional photos they took were amazing and really captured my condos features including the stunning view. Aside from putting it on MLS, they advertised on Kijiji and other social media sites. Within a few days, we had an offer from a AAA tenant and Brandon helped me through the vetting process. I admit I wasn’t too keen on becoming a landlord and at times I still struggle with it. Knowing I can call Mark and Brandon at any moment to ask any question is reassuring.”

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